Your help in creating and improving this wiki is much appreciated. Currently, we are in need of wiki pages for each of the questions of Bernd Sturmfels' pdf file. This page is to help first time users start writing immediately.

If you haven't already, go to the home page and sign up by clicking on the "Become a collaborator" button. If you can not see the button, you are already signed in.

The "27 Questions" link above at the top bar will take you to the list of question titles with a brief summary of the question below each title. Each title is also a link and will take you to the (possibly empty) wiki page dedicated to that question.

The wiki pages for each question, such as Question 1, would ideally contain a section with a more detailed explanation of the question, a section on relevant literature and possibly the broader implications of this question. If you have solutions or strategies of attack, you are encouraged to add them in with appropriate citations (give yourself credit if you solved it). See this page for a proposed outline.

How to start writing

If the page you are editing already exists, then click on the "edit" button on the lower right of the webpage. If you navigate to any page that does not already exist, first click on the "Create page" link appearing on the page.

This will bring up the editor at the bottom of the page. You can start writing text without embellishments and once you are done clicking on "save" will publish what you have written.

You may want to type math in latex mode in your text. For example, the expression [[$ \mathbb{C} $]] will look like this $\mathbb{C}$. In general, you can use standard latex math commands within the math environments [[$ .... $]] just as you would between dollar symbols in latex.

You may also want to give links to other pages. In general a link is given like this [* a link to wikipedia], which would look like this: a link to wikipedia. For internal links, i.e., links to pages within this wiki, you may use the following format [/question:1 Question 1] giving you Question 1. Note that the general format [/suffix text] will give a link to "" and the link will appear as "text".

Advanced usage

The editor has buttons for additional options you might need (like creating lists, writing in italics etc.). These buttons will insert the appropriate command at your current position. This is a good way to learn the syntax of these items, they are almost always very simple to remember.

Wiki pages support the creation of bibliographies. The two buttons at the bottom right of the editor menu will show you how. Alternatively, you may also study how the bibliography on this page was created by clicking on the "edit" button and studying how the work of Cayley [1] is cited.

You can also include your own files into the wiki page. Click on "Save" or "Save Draft" to leave the editor. At the bottom right of the page you will see a button called "Files". Clicking on this you will see the links to available files and you will be presented with the option to upload files from your computer. Once you are back to the editor, you can give links to these files. You can also give links to files that are uploaded to other pages of this wiki, as I've done at the top of this page in referencing the pdf file.

1. Cayley, A. "A Memoir on Cubic Surfaces." Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. 159, 231-326, 1869.
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